Who the heck are you?

The Frying Pan is a independent, Upstate New York-based music website that has roots that trace back to October 2015, with its creation as a one-man Blogger blog by Thatcher Dickason in the windy farm country of Williamson, NY.

The Frying Pan logo used for the first incarnation of the site (2015)

At the time, The Frying Pan had not much more purpose than simply being a host site for the music reviews Thatcher had previously written for other sites, such as Metal Music Archives, Prog Archivesand Rate Your Music. Slowly though as the site began to come more and more to life Thatcher realized the possibilities this once benign blog could have. Reviews started being written exclusively for The Frying Pan without them being posted on any of the aforementioned sites beforehand. Finally a decision was made to turn the site into something much more professional. Thatcher pulled on board creator/writer of The Wicked Nest and lifelong friend Khaliq Jordan to assist him with creating a real life website. Plans started to hatch in mid-2017 and, after getting long-time school friend and hip-hop-head Jackson Michalski on board, the ball started to roll ever faster.

By the time 2018 rolled around, it was guaranteed that The Frying Pan 2.0 was to be completed and just like that, in March of that year, the website you see before you today was officially launched and made public the following month.


The Frying Pan seeks to be an adventurous, creative and endearing music journalism platform, that will produce a gamut of creations from looks into the writers’ local music scene to reviews of live music performances. In short, The Frying Pan seeks to have fun talking about what we love most, music, in whatever fashion we find suitable. We hope you have just as much fun browsing what we create as we do creating it!

– The Frying Pan team


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